Olmo Cuarón is 35 years old, lives in Spain and is also one of the nest paediatricians of the country.

Currently, he is one of the most honourable and brilliant paediatricians of this European nation. 

This makes him feel very honoured and happy, considering he is not of Spanish descent.

His father was born in Mexico and his mother in Italy. However, Olmo Cuarón was determined to live in Spain since he was young.

And after visiting this country in his 20’s he fell in love with its culture, countryside and especially its people.

A new beginning in Spain

Therefore, after he graduated to become a paediatrician, he did everything he could to exercise his profession in Spanish land.

Fortunately, his plan played out exactly how he wanted to and Olmo Cuarón was happy to move to Spain to work in the field of Paediatrics.

And ever since, his professional performance has continued growing and has consolidated in this country. His colleagues admire him, and his patients hold him in high esteem.

Olmo Cuarón is a brilliant, intelligent, and generous paediatrician. His greatest attribute is probably his human kindness.

In fact, all the people that know Olmo Cuarón agree that he is a human being like non other.

Mexico, Italy, and Spain in his heart

He cares about his patients, friends, colleagues, and peers. He is empathic, positive, and always transmits his positive energy.

The people that have been lucky enough to collaborate with him or to assist to his consultations as a paediatrician agree that he is a paediatrician like no other.

Right now, Olmo Cuarón is deeply grateful with Spain for having opened its doors and for allowing him to build the life of his dreams.

This country became his new home, his haven, and the place in which his personal and professional triumphs were born.

Even though Mexican and Italian blood run through his veins, Olmo Cuarón’s heart beats and is enthusiastic for the country he lives in currently:  Spain.

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